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Solar panels for home

ROOF - For residential solar power the roof should be in good shape. Facing south or any direction but north and not too shaded.
Where you live - Home solar power system rates and incentives vary from state to state and between utility companies. You'll need to own your home.
Electricity Usage-Solar panels for home, more you use, the more you will benefit, particularly in states like California, where you pay higher rates.

MAIN FACTORS that goes into whether home solar power system is right for you

Going solar is simple.

Let us do all the work and you just sit back and watch it happen.

        1. Free consultation with one of our professional team member.
        2. Designing of the system and solar analysis.
        3. Permit and installation.

Residential solar power - Hiteck Solar
Residential solar power - Hiteck Solar

Solar Panels For Home

Finally enjoy the power of the sun and big savings

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Hi Teck Solar panels for home services company can design a solar system which will cut down on your cost of electricity bill and save thousands by having your home simply powered by solar. Be a part of the green energy group and lets together change this world by doing the right thing. Best Solar electricity services and electricians in Los Angeles by Hi Teck Solar

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